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Want to play Ironsworn Starforged but don't want to define the world before you play? Want to hop right into the action every session? Do you want additional oracles for filling out your version of the Forge with machines, supernatural horrors, and precursor remains?

Forge Horizons is a series of oracles and optional rules for the Ironsworn Starforged RPG that add details and some streamlined rules for episodic play. This is a fan supplement, so you’ll need a copy of Starforged to play.  Forge Horizons adds three tools for you to detail and enhance your stories in the Forge.

Episodic adventures are alternative rules for starting the game. They get your character into the action quickly and allow you to discover regions of the Forge and it’s truths through play. Instead of doing all the world-building up front, you take your character and put them in the middle of an adventure already in progress. Each session is broken down into bite-sized moments where you’ll generate a random location, inhabitants, and an action scene that will propel the story forward. This will give your Starforged game a more episodic feel, with larger threats and themes evolving from play over time. You can also use this system to set up a situation for a one-shot with guided or co-operative play.

Ecumenopolis planets and oracles let you generate planets covered by settlements, city infrastructure, and millions of inhabitants. This planet type is for versions of the Forge that are more populous if you want your game to more closely resemble stories like Star Wars, Firefly, or Foundation.

Oracles for machines, supernatural horrors, and precursors let you add further challenges and exciting developments to your Starforged game. Machine oracles let you add random automatons, bot companions, or even nanomachine swarms. Oracles for supernatural threats give you details for all the horrors that may exist in the dark shadows of the Forge. Finally, precursor tables help you imagine the remains of these ancient aliens, and may even lead you to some of the last living precursors in the Forge. 


Written & designed by Michael Elliott

Cover Photos by:

Zoltan Tasi https://unsplash.com/@zoltantasi

Joshua Earle https://unsplash.com/@joshuaearle

Max Kleinen https://unsplash.com/@hirmin

This work is based on Ironsworn Starforged found at 


 created by Shawn Tomkin.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Will the single page version be available to people who purchased via DriveThruRPG?

Oh! I guess I forgot to upload those. Sorry about that, I'll do so right now.


No worries.  Thanks for replying.


Any chance we get the single pages variant of this rather along with the spreads?


Heck yeah. Just updated the game with single spreads. Enjoy!

Awesome, thank you! Makes it easy to reformat into A5 pages for my notebook. :)

Great supplement! On page 6, the Location, oracle, one of the results is "Location" (under Planet), what does that mean?

Hey, thanks!

So that should be for the Location Themes oracle on page 370 of the Ironsworn Starforged rulebook.

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