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We call them Haxen, those who make incursions into the Requiem, the world of the past. A place and time murdered by the sorcerous rich, those capricious and omnipotent divines who were so desperate to live they killed everything around them. Haxen leave the safety of the communes to hunt the wastelands for salvage, and clues about what killed the world. Will you find answers? Will you defy your fate? Or will your corpse be another forgotten relic among the countless billions dead?


Haxen is an 8 page single-player tabletop RPG about exploring a shifting post-apocalyptic future with anachronistic characters.  You use a series of runes and tables to navigate the world, create lore, and overcome obstacles. Tell the story of a ranger who explores skyscrapers looking for salvageable tech, a Paladin armed with an improvised axe hunting down near immortal oligarchs who survived the apocalypse, or a Cleric who can read the broken screens of the past, searching for names and answers.


Haxen uses a resolution system of runes that describe potential outcomes from failure and calamity, conflict and mixed successes, to victory and opportunity. Based on the Blades in the Dark engine created by John Harper, this system creates risk and reward with every move in the Requiem, and gives you the basic building blocks to tell an exciting story in a strange post-apocalypse. 


Haxen was made to be printed and played on the go, when and where you want. There are several printing version available to suit your needs best. 


Written & Designed by Michael Elliott

Art by Maciej Zagorski of the Forge Studios

Scourge font by Tugcu Design

Based on Blades in the Dark, a product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This also plays really well copy and pasting the character sheet and map onto excalidraw and writing/drawing on top of it (or any image editor would work). 

I really love the mechanic where naming things solidifies them. I suppose you could even drop a second character into the same world if you wanted.

How do sorceries work? Are they only triggered by the two encounters that name them?


Yup! They can be quite disruptive so they're pretty rare.


Enjoyed my first playthrough (Kirgant lived to face the mourning flower and its undead minions, did not live through a requiem commune cursed by a witch and destroyed by orbital weaponry...)!

Clarification: I totally missed the point of haxes playing the first time, but am I right that they let you mark runes to resolve their associated action? I.e., when I have Rope & Bone, I can choose any rune to resolve an explore action?  

It didn't click when I read it before, and I thought it was a chance to mark a rune from the matrix so you wouldn't have that outcome come up later (influencing the odds / fate indirectly). However, I didn't ever use them this way, because it feels bad to mark off runes without getting something in return 🙃

I think the haxes description and keywords are pretty clear and succinct, but an example turn description (even in prose) could help make the mechanic crystal clear.

Thanks for a fun playground!

Correct! It gives you some freedom to resolve those actions, rather than having to mark the next rune, as normal.

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I didn't catch this either. Maybe there's a better way to word it?


Did an intro run as Prester Ki, rowing down the Kir River, attacked by an undead river dolphin that spewed acid from its blowhole. Scar from that. Fled to the Tael Mountains, where the space/time rips caused by the Time Scars gave me chronic nausea. Puked the whole way to the Kas Dead Forest, traded with some goblins for a bit of salvage, offended the lead goblin, got a scar where he bit me. Ran away again into some ruins, exited. The Time Scars swept in, and my left arm was ripped off and replaced with a clockwork prosthetic. 

Have to retire Prester Ki because there's like three runes left in his matrix, even after exiting cleared some of them. 

10/10 would breed chaos across the Requiem again.

Hell yeah! Thanks so much for sharing!

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I am excited to try this. Some of the rules are a little fuzzy. It would be great is you could do a video walk-through      . 

Stay tuned! Planning on doing an actual-play in the future.

Awesome! Please let me know when you do!

Yes please. Just read through it and the instructions are really not clear. Could’ve spared a few pages to provide playthrough examples. 

Any update on the actual-play?

Nothing at the moment. Haven't recorded one myself before so I need to learn how and then put this together. I'll definitely post an update when it's ready.

Any update?