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Very fun, but the rules are a little unclear. Eg. do Knights count as 0 for the purposes of hard resets, or can you only remove them with aces? And when do you add the major arcana? Still, definitely enjoying it!


Hey !

The game is quite fun, I like it, but the rules of the base game are not all that clear (for me, a french-born, so it may be my fault)

With Cybermancy, it's easier to understand the base game, espcially for placing royals on corners, when their color isn't on the matrix.

I still have some questions : What about the hole in the middle of the matrix ? We just fill hit whenever we want ? Are we suppose to take out of the cards 3 royals ? The objective is "kill[ing] all the royals in the deck (all 3 jacks, 3 queens, and 3 kings)" but there are 4 J, Q and K...

PS : I might do (for myself at first) a French version of the rules, would you be interseted to put it with the other files ?

Hello! Thanks for playing!
Yes, the hole in the middle of the matrix is a free space where you can place any card (to start) and then follow rules for placement as normal. The rule about royals is I think a typo, it should say royals of each suit, so yes you need to kill all Jacks, Queens, and Kings. If you do end up doing a French translation please let me know!

Hey ! Thanks for anserwing. I've started to do the traduction, slowly but surely, and I still have some questions... 😅It will be esaier to explain with an example :

I've on a row the following cards: K♥; 17t, 2♠, 2t. If I place a 3t on the 2t, would the K♥ die, because there is more than 13♥on the row when overloaded, or he survive because the 2 cards aren't ♥ ?

Another question : shouldn't the maximum of ICE be augmented from 21 to (19t+18t=) 37, as it can be atteigned on advanced mode ? 

Thanks again for anserwing.

In order to kill a King each card in the payload must match the suit. It doesn’t matter if one card exceeds the health if the other isn’t also a heart or wild. 

The number for ICE remains static throughout the game. If you’d like an additional challenge you can always augment that rule and see how it goes. 


Really loving the base game and looking forward to running the more advanced ruleset! (Also, the "Ending the Game" section says there are 3 of each face card, when there are four (one for each suit).)

Thank you!

I know this nitpicky and doesn't really matter but in the campaign document it says that Major Arcana 11 is Strength, but Strength is 8, 11 is Justice.

I just get distracted by stuff like that. The actual game itself is really fun and I love how you expand upon the basic rules of gridcannon and gave it a creative theme and story.

Thank you! I wasn't aware of the different interpretations of where Strength and Justice fit in the major arcana. Perhaps I will switch them around in a future version!


8 is traditionally Justice, and 11 Strength or Force. AE Waite popularized the switch to 8=Strength in the early 20th century, based on the Golden Dawn theories. But the second-most-famous deck, Crowley's Thoth, reverted to the traditional numbering, and the Marseilles tarot (the most influential in continental Europe) naturally kept the original numbers because it's where they came from. There's no need to make 8=Strength unless you prefer it that way, as either is valid at this point in time, depending on one's preference.


Great game! Tons of fun and the theming is super cool!



My dad LOVES this game. :D


Happy to hear it :)


This game goes above and beyond what a typical game of Solitaire ever thought to do. I love it. Should probably dig out one of my tarot decks soon and try Cybermancy.

Thank you so much!