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Are there any Character Sheets?

Check the itch page under “Playsheets”



I'm an aspiring graphic designer and for a school project we had to design  a book and seeing as I really like Neon Black I decided to chose that as my subject!

Can I maybe send you the pdf somewhere? I'd love to hear what you think!


Absolutely! Send it along to michael(@)notwriting(dot)net!


I sent it your way!


The soundtrack rocks!

Any news regarding print?


My first (and probably only) choice of publisher turned me down, so I'm likely going to need to Kickstart my own print run. No plans to do that in the immediate future, but definitely one day!


Dunno who your 1st / only pub was, but this feels like it’d be right at home with Evil Hat or Magpie, so maybe they’re worth contacting? Don’t abandon hope after one attempt, that’s how The Man wins!


Hahah, you’re right! Thank you!

Why not self-publish via DriveThruRPG?

I might! I've spent the last year or so learning how to do crowdfunding campaigns in preparation to do one for Neon Black, and that is one possible avenue.

That seems like the most logical choice at this point. I'd love a printed copy with cool artwork on my shelf. 😁

Same! It will happen, just a question of when.


Been running this game for my roommates for the past several months. We had been looking for a Forged in the Dark game that was explicitly anticapitalist, and this was exactly what we wanted. Love the tweaks to the original Blades format. Excited to run it for different groups in the future.


Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that other people are playing this.