Neon Black 7.1

Hello Hackers,

Just a quick update today, fixing some things that I didn't have time to address during the last big update:

  • Community sheets no longer include entanglements and blowbacks (these have been integrated into downtime scenes)
  • Downtime scenes have been added. These short vignettes help pace and frame the fiction of Neon Black on the community and factions or Prime City.
  • Short sections on what to do at the end of each session and how to end the game
  • Added a downtime sheet to the digital sheets
  • Refined starting community contacts, added additional community contacts for each community.

There will be more changes coming over December as I further refine the game in preparation to resubmit to publishers.

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When I go to download, I am only seeing the Neon Black Rules v 7.1.pdf fileIs there an updated link for the digital sheets as well?

Anyway, I love the downtime scenes. Super cool addition. I am very excited to hopefully run the game very soon!

Yup! The link on the store page should prompt you to make a copy of the updated playsheets. 


oh boy ... not sure why i didn't look in the obvious place . thanks much <3