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Plants Both Monstrous and Useful is a supplement for the Monster Care Squad role-playing game. You’ll likely need that game to make use of this book, or maybe you want to have plants that are big, magical, or useful in another RPG. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! This supplements contains the following:

◆ Three monstrous megaflora

◆ Three fantastical locations, useful in both Ald-Amura or your own setting

◆ Six useful and interesting types of plants

Each megaflora contained herein is designed similarly to the monsters found in Monster Care Squad and can be treated in much the same way. There’s the massive shelter/tree Oakar, the river trawling Rivermane, and the singing Choruseps. Use them as new centerpieces for your party’s adventures or to give more plant-based detail to your version of Ald-Amura!

Similarly each new location is designed around one of the 3 new megaflora. Meet other travelers and adventurers at The Waystation, visit the residents of Oakar at Umbra-Mal, or trade for useful things at Bycrg-Mal. These could be good home bases as the character’s explore, or useful sources of info as the party seeks to cure these new monstrous plants!

Finally there are 6 useful and unusual plants at the end of this supplement: stranglevine, oxiflower, fair fruit, pyre weed, and float flower. These can be used as tools for your next adventure, ingredients in potions and medicines, or even random encounters to mix things up as your characters explore Ald-Amura or your own fantasy setting.

Enjoy these various plants that are both monstrous and useful!

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Written & Designed by Michael Elliott

This work is based on Monster Care Squad and the Ald-Amura setting, designed and developed by Sandy Pug Games, and is licensed here under the Legends of Ald-Amura licensing agreement.

Cover Art by Henry Ward Ranger, 1895, Smithsonian American Art Museum

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsald-amura, Fantasy, mcs, megaflora, monster-care-squad, Monsters, plants, Supplement


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