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A former agent of the Hegemony

The Galactic Hegemony has a long history of covert operations and underhanded deals. It was once your job to keep those secrets. Now you use your skills in stealth, improvisation, and evasion for your own ends. Maybe you were groomed to break in and out of any facility. Maybe you received special training to hunt and fight those who have mastered the Way. Or maybe you were trained to keep to the shadows and strike when the moment was right. 

Is this crew your new home, or a temporary waypoint? Do you still report to the Hegemony? What secrets do you still keep?

The Operative is a fan playbook for the Scum & Villainy RPG by Stras Acimovic and Jon LeBoeuf-Little. It inspired by science fiction scoundrels fleeing from their mysterious pasts, and rogues who lie about what they are but who always seem to have the right tool for the job. If you want to play a sneaky infiltrator, a hunter of Way users, or a cunning space thief, the Operative is the playbook for you.


Based on the world and design of Scum & Villainy by Off Guard Games

Written & designed by Michael Elliott

Original cover photo by Justin Peralta on Unsplash


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Hi. Nice job.

Can you turn this into a foundry vtt module?

What is the license for this? If you won't, can someone do it?


Thanks! I'm not familiar with foundry vtt. This is based on IP I do not own, it's a fan work, so someone else can, so long as you don't charge money for it.