Update 5.1 "Credit Burn"

At long last another update to Neon Black. This update adds the last of the major mechanics to the game, credit burn and burning credit, though some rules may change in small ways ion the future.

Change notes for version 5.1:

  • Edited the illicit drugs and related character items to include "a few syringes"
  • Edited the crew quarters upgrade to include "amenities necessary for living"
  • Added a live wire hub to standard character items 
  • Changed the wording of the Hustler's foresight starting ability
  • Changed the wording of the EMP device playbook item
  • Correctly linked Tinkering tools load boxes on character playbooks
  • Changed the wording of the major advantages/disadvantages section of the engagement roll
  • Minor changes to the New Horizon's faction details
  • Added the Burning Credit downtime action
  • Added the Credit Burn mechanic
  • Added faction status information to the faction sheet.

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