Version 5.2 - The Operator

Version 5.2 comes with a new character playbook, the Operator! They're a gifted mechanic and pilot, able to craft and manipulate hardware and turn junk into useful gear and projects.

I also significantly changed the heat and wanted level systems so they are more similar to traditional Blades in the Dark.

  • Added the Operator playbook
  • Changed the heat and wanted level mechanics. Crews now acquire heat and wanted levels rather than faction types.
  • Edited the faction sheet
  • Changed how entanglements are generated. They are now tied to the crew's tier and number of wanted levels.
  • Removed several entanglement options
  • Changed the Punks crew special ability Off the Grid
  • Modified and added faction clocks for several factions
  • Removed debt rules from the game, and debt tracker from the crew sheet
  • Increased cred payout amounts for jobs
  • Added corporate slogans to the corporate factions
  • Changed the rules about calculating crew expenses, you now round down not up
  • Changed layout of crew sheets to include heat and wanted levels
  • Changed monetary values for creds

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