Version 6.0 - HAUNTing

Version 6.0 is now live.

This version of Neon Black includes several changes, including the first special playbook: the HAUNT. Human Amalgamate United into Neuro-Telepresences, or HAUNTs, are human beings who have transferred their minds into the digital realm. This is a character playbook that can be selected at the beginning of the game, or you can transfer a previous character to a HAUNT as a potential long-term project. There are also 2 new factions, new rules for recovery, and several new sections added to the Technology chapter that help illustrate the world of Prime City.

The full change list is below:

  • Clarified that selling out lets you get +1d or +1 effect
  • Clarified that characters can exchange stash with no penalties
  • Divided cyberware, drugs, hardware, and software into two categories. The Prime City Corporate Catalogue contains ubiquitous items that are easy to craft or purchase. The Underground Cookbook has rarer and often illegal items that must be invented before crafting.
  • Changed the item tag ‘conspicuous’ to ‘illegal’
  • Added 2nd melee weapon to the standard gear for character playbooks
  • Modified the Star playbook item Stimulants to have 3 uses rather than 1
  • Added the illegal tag to the Star’s playbook item Hard Light melee weapon, clarified that it has potency against most targets.
  • Modified the sample gather information questions on each character playbook
  • Changed how the recovery downtime action works. 
  • Added sections for hacking, HAUNTs, ‘Net Spaces, Live Wires, Hard Light, and SimulStreaming to the Technology chapter
  • Added the HAUNT special character playbook
  • Added the Sin Eaters faction
  • Added the Constellation Consolidated Foods faction
  • Slightly modified the details of the AgriCorp faction
  • Updated the Hustler special ability Full of Ideas and the Creators special ability Skilled Negotiators to follow the newly updated heat rules

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