Version 6.1 Downtime Upgrades

Hey Cyberpunks!

This update significantly changes many downtime actions. There's new, simpler rules to recover harm as well as modifications to crafting, reaching out, and the game's economy. No more stash! All cred is just cred, and you gain access to new playbook items and increase your crew's tier simply by amassing money. Just like in real life!

Here's a brief list of changes:

  • Concise item descriptions.
  • Guillotines quirk: dotted line tattoos on their extremities.
  • Removed stash and modified all associated mechanics and special abilities.
  • Modified the recovery downtime action rules.
  • Modified the reach out downtime action rules.
  • Modified the workshop crew upgrade rules.
  • Modified the vault crew upgrade description.
  • Modified the amount of cred that can be stored in the crew.
  • Modified the crafting downtime action.

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Wondering if you have ever posted any "actual play" videos or podcasts of Neon Black? I would very much enjoy hearing how you GM the game and see how it compares to mine.

No, haven't done any actual plays unfortunately.


Hello Sokrates, my group and I have been playing a version of Neon Black for about 5 or 6 session now, and we really enjoy it. I say version because we switched mid-campaign from The Sprawl, so I custom made all of the PCs to better match how they were under the previous system. These are some great updates, and I hope you continue expanding on this system in the future.

My question for you today is: how would you handle a drug addiction gained during the course of play? ie not a vice that the PC started with.

Thank you,


Hi Kash!

Thanks so much for the kind words about my game, I really appreciate it. I'm planning on having the game be content complete by the end of this year, and so far I'm on track to achieve that.

Excellent question. I've actually played with this sort of complication before in Scum & Villainy, another Blades in the Dark hack. The way I treated it there was as an ongoing complication that I could use when the character got less than a 6 on an action roll. When it felt appropriate I would give the player harm based on their addiction: dizziness, exhaustion, nausea, etc. I also started a clock where their addiction would replace their vice, which I could tick as a result of Devil's Bargains or further complications. 

You could use similar methods in Neon Black. The character could also rid themselves of this addiction by completing a long-term project.

I assumed the group has already had this conversation, but I would also double-check and make sure that everyone at the table was on board with this complication being included in the story. Addiction and substance abuse can be very uncomfortable for people to experience in a fictional setting, so make sure everyone is being safe and happy!


Excellent advice, thank you! And, yes the player in question ok'd the consequences.