Version 6.2 - Notorious Spreadsheets

Hello Cyberpunks!

This is a meaty update. Really it probably should have been version 7.0 but it's not cause well... who needs consistent terminology? Not me!

This update touches mostly on special abilities, lots of slight modifications and rewording things. Also a few rules changes to help center the game on the poor vs. rich theme and a spiffy new timeline of events!

Also, I created a bunch of online playbooks with Google Sheets! Hopefully this will make the game easier to play for folks online. I certainly like being able to see everyone's character sheet, and I was getting sick of trying to modify the roll20 Blades in the Dark character sheets to do what I wanted. Feel free to copy these to use in your own games.


  • Modified the workshop crew upgrade
  • Added a timeline of events and modified the current year for the default world of Neon Black. Welcome to the year 2199!
  • Modified the Hustler’s special ability Full of Ideas
  • Added a new Operator special ability: Overclocker (they had one fewer than all the other playbooks, woops!)
  • Modified the HAUNT special ability Instant Recall
  • Modified the Doc’s Street Stitch special ability
  • Reworded all crew assets
  • Reworded the Creator’s special ability Hard Sell
  • Modified the Creator’s special ability Skilled Negotiators
  • Modified and renamed the Punk’s crew asset Vice Den
  • Modified the Punk’s special ability Make a Scene
  • Modified the Reprisals entanglement
  • Renamed wanted levels to notoriety
  • Removed the question about the target’s tier from the engagement roll questions
  • Changed wording of additional heat “+1 Heat for a high-profile or rich target”
  • Reword the Reliable cohort edge to Tough
  • Reworded the crew creation process. Faction status changes are now a separate step from getting crew upgrades.
  • Reworded a playbook xp trigger: You struggled with issues from your credit level, harm, or glitches.

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