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Hello you Neon-lit scoundrels,

With this updated (v6.3) Neon Black is now text complete. What does that mean? Well as of right now, there are no major updates or missing pieces in Neon Black. Everything I want in the rules is present and accounted for. There may be fixes and updates in the future but as of right now everything that I've ever had on the to-do list to add to the game is completed. Does this mean the game is finished? No. I would like to hire people to work on my game to make it better: artists, graphic designers, sensitivity readers, etc. but all of those services are outside of my budget. Now I can pitch the game to publishers and see if they will carry me the rest of the way. If not, I may kickstart this game myself. We'll see.

To help get me there if it comes to it, Neon Black will be increased in price on June 1st from $10 to $15 to reflect it's increased size and near final state. $15 for over 67,000 words still seems like a deal to me.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has commented, bought the game, given me feedback, or even acknowledged that myself or this game existed. I would not have gotten here without you.

Here's the 6.3 change list:

  • Added the Principles of Play section
  • Added a section on player characters versus other player characters
  • Added tables for generating Random Jobs 
  • Added an example of playing Neon Black
  • Changed cred to credit
  • Modified the recovery rules for cohorts
  • Modified the replacement rules for dead or destroyed cohorts
  • Modified the rules for relocating the crew’s HQ for the hidden upgrade
  • Clarified that all armor is refreshed during downtime
  • Slight modification to calculating crew expenses
  • Added some fiction to the Basics, Prime City, Entanglements, and Technology chapters
  • Fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes throughout
  • Added an example of a job with multiple starting positions

Thanks again cyberpunks. 

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