The Capitalism Sucks Update - Version 5.0

Version 5.0 - The Capitalism Sucks Update:

Rank Updates

  • Modified the Scary special ability
  • Renamed the Flesh Wound special ability
  • Modified the Combat Experience special ability

Splicer Updates

  • Renamed the playbook to “Doc”
  • Redesigned the playbook so it is more about medicine, chemicals, and helping people. Another playbook that covers technical skills and hardware will be coming soon.
  • Modified the Sawbones special ability 
  • Replaced the fine chip ripper playbook item with fine medical kit
  • Replaced fine tinkering tools with fine anatomical knowledge
  • Renamed Strange Stimulants special ability
  • Removed the Pet Project and Designer special abilities
  • Added Community Servant special ability
  • Renamed the Cyberware Specialist special ability
  • Added an Eye for Chrome special ability 

Suit Updates

  • Removed the Suit playbook from the game. I’m going to rework this until I’m happier with it. A character that is good at influencing people with money is pretty against the ethos of Neon Black, so I’m going to try something different.

Hustler Updates

  • Replaced Fine revolver with fine favour
  • Replaced electromagnetic ammunition with extra ammunition

Hacker Updates

  • Modified the Wired special ability
  • Replaced malware ammunition with wireless Hard Light router

Punks Updates

  • Modified and renamed the Party Like it's 2099 special ability
  • Modified the Make a Scene special ability
  • Modified the Watch Dogs special ability

Start-Up Updates

  • Renamed to Creators
  • Modified the Creators playbook so it’s more about making something new rather than becoming another corporate force that the world does not need.
  • Modified and renamed the Leverage special ability
  • Removed the Corporate Sponsor special ability 
  • Added the All in the Game special ability

Hunters Updates

  • Renamed and redesigned the Licensed special ability

Downtime Actions Updates

  • Players no longer get +1d for involving friends and contacts in downtime actions
  • Players now get +1d for involving any number of player characters in downtime actions


  • Modified the Recovery downtime action: Characters can’t perform the recover action for other characters without the Sawbones special ability or equivalent training and expertise.

Indulge Vice Updates

  • Indulge vice is now Reset
  • Redesigned how Indulge Vice works
  • Characters no longer takes stress equal to their glitches if they don’t Reset by the end of downtime
  • Modified the different types of Reset available to characters
  • Modified the writing around glitches so they are not necessarily permanent

Lay Low

  • Renamed to Reduce Heat. 
  • Reverted this back to traditional Blades in the Dark rules.
  • Changed the way removing Wanted Levels works

Hit the Streets

  • Modified the wording and mechanics of Hit the Streets to make it distinct from just buying things
  • Renamed to Reach Out

Engage in Capitalism

  • Added Engage in Capitalism downtime action where characters can just buy what they want without complications.


  • Modified the Bills entanglement

Other General Updates

  • Modified the starting situation
  • Defined player characters as freelancers and edited the language of the game to make it more obvious that capitalism and wealth are bad.
  • Renamed Background to Resume 
  • Replaced and modified contacts for all character and crew playbooks. I get it, everyone loves Stereo the smart car
  • Modified each playbook summary to reflect experience triggers
  • Modified the language and questions of the Engagement roll advantages and disadvantages
  • Lifestyle quality renamed to credit level
  • Added a rule that characters become paralyzed or run in terror when they witness an artificial intelligence in the ‘Net unless they resist
  • Renamed and modified The Z3k3 faction, now known as The Constant
  • Added the Prime City Corporate Catalogue chapter where all items, crew upgrades, assets, and cyberware can be found
  • Added a special thanks section

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